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Crowdsourcing is a BS Idea

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Every day I come across at least five new crowdsourcing tools or companies, and what always strikes me is how diverse they are. This crowdsourcing stuff is a phenomenon that is sweeping through many industries.

Today I enjoyed reading about the ways lawyers are now keeping tabs on each other by crowdsourcing information from within individual firms for industry-wide dissemination. Take a look at to see how colleagues are reporting on each other’s job moves from firm to firm in the hope of winning an i-Phone. Although it is not really about the prize: attorneys want to contribute so that this becomes a useful resource and they can keep an eye on who might be coming to join their firm. Junior lawyers can make sure that Scott H. Greenfield isn’t coming to take over their practice area and give them a hard time about trawling for clients on Facebook :-)

Over at Banco Sabadell they have launched BS Idea – a new platform to crowdsource employees’ ideas. It sounds like they have made some efforts to ensure that is more than just an online suggestion box:

  • People can vote on their colleague’s ideas, which creates a sense of competition
  • People can suggest new ideas without censorship. Apparently, somebody in the company classifies the ideas in 5 levels and 17 categories, deppending on how they can be used internally
  • People use the corporate intranet, so they don’t need to use a new login system
  • There is an electronic newsletter in which the best ideas are shared, together with some info on the ones that have been selected
  • Special requests for participation will be addressed by the company periodically so that employees increase the use of the tool related to a certain concern in the bank.

This type of bespoke corporate platform is getting easier and cheaper to set up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the growth of private platforms take a big chunk out of the profits that the big social media platforms are targetting.

Amongst all the euphoria I always a good post about the challenges of the wiki world. The post by Gasellit is a good one because it provides practical advice on how to overcome the challenges of crowdsourcing.