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Friday, January 8th, 2010

Ah, the lure of affiliate marketing. There is nothing that I would like better than to spend $5m a year on AdWords and collect $6m in revenues. I’d be so satisfied that I wouldn’t even feel the need to write a blog telling people how I did it. But of course that is how most of the ‘super-affiliates’ actually make their money, and why not when folks like me have a tendency to read the dream rather than live it!

Anyway, one of the uber affiliates in my feed reader has recently been publishing some interesting posts about his use of Twitter. With companies now lining up to pay for sponsored tweets it seems that this is the new holy grail, and instead of running PPC, I am going to tweet myself rich. Or not. Anyway, Jonathan Volk published the results of his sponsored tweets, and it turns out that it costs advertisers 42 cents per click for him to send out a sponsored tweet. Not too shabby for reaching the make money online crowd that make up Volk’s followers.

What interests me is that Volk has 16,000 followers yet he is averaging less than 50 clicks on a sponsored tweet, or 0.3%.  This follows Anil Dash’s recent comments that most of his 200,000+ followers have zero interaction with him.

I think the most valuable type of Twitter account for advertisers is one where there is high levels of interaction between followers and the account. I have accounts I created for web sites with over 1,000 followers that are essentialy worthless since I used auto-follow tools.

My guess is that the conversion ratios from Volk’s click thrus don’t match that of Adwords and thus the 42 cents may not be such a bargain. However, luckily for tweeters companies have proved over the years that they need to spend on advertising even if it doesn’t work, so maybe I should look at registering some of my accounts for sponsored tweets. I am not talking about @crowdmanage here as that is my account for using Twitter as is should be used – for a genuine dialogue and exchange of ideas.

If you were an advertiser what sort of characteristics would you want the Twitter account to have?