The Monetization of Social

social-media-monetizationA recent article on TechCrunch describes the current situation succinctly, “Social seems to be the future, and Facebook just may do to Google what Google is doing to Microsoft (ripping apart their core business), if they ever find the right way to monetize it. Social graph monetization may be the next huge wave of revenue growth on the Internet.”

Who knows where Twitter will come in all this? By opening its API it has made massive strides, but I can’t help feeling that it is letting many monetization opportunities pass by. Shouldn’t Twitter be trying to keep Sprouter, StockTwit users etc. on the main platform by giving them the tools they need?

And while we have ringside seats to the rise or fail of social media, Google is going to be busy shifting us to cloud computing. Meanwhile over in Seattle Microsoft has Bing and the X-Box!

Things can change quicky. I still remember when Yahoo! was my homepage and I used MySpace. Maybe in a few years I’ll be using Bing and subscribing to Microsoft online for my software. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how it all plays out, and what impact the monetization (or failure of monetization) of social media will have.

If I had to invest my entire net worth in these tech players today and rely on it for a pension in 30 years, I would go for a balanced portfolio of Google (50%), Microsoft (30%), Twitter (15%) and Facebook (5%). How about you?

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