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After my premature review of Seth Godin’s Linchpin I have been eagerly awaiting updates from my American cousins so that I can see what we Euros are in for when it ships. With the official launch on January 26th and the advance copies in the hands of Seth’s Tribe the tweets and posts are very positive. I like this review by Trebuchet because it succinctly summarizes the advice that Seth gives to succeed in the shifting sands of today’s business environment. There is a full list of the reviews over at Squidoo.

I continue to be impressed with the marketing campaign behind this book, and it’s clear that Seth walks the talk. Following the pre-release copy to the first 3,000 people who made a donation of at least $30 to the Acumen Fund, the book signing sessions offer a two hour Q&A: I would snap tickets up for this if I was in New York.

The review over at Lowell’s they note that many of the themes in Linchpin will be familiar ones to readers of Seth’s previous writing, which is the impression I got from the preview. It also seems I may be right in suggesting that this is more of a self-help book than previous works. The team over at Lowell’s, ‘struggled with how to categorize this remarkable book. Is it a self-help book? A leadership book? A business strategy book?’ I can’t anwer that yet, but I look forward to being able to soon.

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