Making Your AWeber Lightbox Animation Work with Flash

Social media be damned, it’s all about the email list. You can make more money out of a loyal email list than optimizing for organic traffic. The recipients have opted-in to your list, they have bought into the information that you have to offer. Once you have a high quality list it’s like your own personal ATM (according to the super-affiliates selling squeeze pages!)

Of course, social media is a pretty cool tool to build that list, but once you have driven traffic to your site, how do you capture their email address? Assuming you have mastered the first step of providing consistent, engaging information, then the next thing is to have a visible opt-in box. On some of my affiliate marketing sites I use AWeber, which has a fantastic email contact management system.

John Chow has gotten pretty excited about AWeber’s new hover forms which grab visitors’ attention and boost the number opt-ins. However, even though there are updated animations for these new forms, the problem remains that you can’t easily use the lightbox effect on web sites with flash. The lighbox is an effect where the screen darkens to show only the opt-in box. It has awesome results in increasing conversions, but if you have something like a YouTube video on your web site it sucks:


As you can see the opt-in form gets stuck behind the video and frustrates the visitor.  The problem with Flash is that it doesn’t provide a way to easily integrate with the HTML, which is necessary for publishing an AWeber opt-in form.

AWeber recommends adding the form HTML before or after “the Flash object”. I am not sure how this advice applies when it comes to the lightbox which appears in the middle of the screen, as it depends entirely where the reader is at the time the box fades in.  You can’t control whether a video is in the middle of the screen or not at that time. Anyone got any ideas? 

Update: AWeber emailed me, “In this case I would recommend using a different form type apart of your flash site. I would not be able to support where to place the videos on your site. I suggest working along with your web designer to fix this issue. They would be able to provide the assistance you need to fix on where to place the video.” So in conclusion lightbox doesn’t work if you have video on your page. Too bad.

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