Meet Marketing’s Answer to Alain de Botton

The Dome of Marketing

The Dome of Marketing

Seth Godin is the marketing man’s Alain de Botton. Almost daily he pops up with a short post that casts things in a new light, and energizes you to take on the established post-industrial machine. But by the end of the first morning meeting you have had the Godin knocked out of you, and are back to promoting butter with binikis. What is the solution?

Well luckily Godin is more than a blogger; he writes books that you can immerse yourself in. Books that give you the energy to try and do things differently for at least a week! Maybe things would be even better if de Botton would write a book on marketing, but for now Seth is Guru No.1 for many marketers (and even Scott H. Greenfield likes him!)

The next book due to hit our shelves is Linchpin, and it has already become notable because Godin is going to send a pre-release copy to the first 3,000 people who made a donation of at least $30 to the Acumen Fund. So now 3,000 of the readers who most want a copy of the book are going to fill the blogosphere with reviews before it hits the stand. Godin is bypassing the traditional critic gateway, and reaching consumers through 3,000 of his tribe. When the book launches in January expect a social media explosion.

(I’m getting a review copy myslef. If you want an honest review then check back in January.)

What is going on here is leveraging a crowd for marketing/promotion (crowdsourcing marketing). The problem is that you need a crowd to start with. Well if you don’t have one, then why not gather a crowd to make your product and promote it. There’s a case study of that here, that garnered three million You Tube videos from a standing start.

So there you are, even if you have no product, and no tribe, it is no excuse for not being able to reach three million people with your message. Just don’t let anyone knock the Godin out of you.

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