Sellaband Ain’t Selling

I went for my first video post today. Let me know what you think. I have see a few first video posts on blogs like Chef Patrick’s. In their fine tradition mine is a bit dodgy, but as with Patrick’s there should be a pick up in quality in future posts as I explore video-making further.

In the video I take a look at, and itsĀ  failure to crowdfund a Public Enemy album. We can’t blame SellaBand for the demise of aging rappers, but overall the site doesn’t exactly looks like it’s setting the world alight. I want to see crowdfunding platforms succeed big time, and in a future video I am going to take a look inside the members’ area of SellaBand and highlights some ways I think it could improve.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, and provide that information. It sounds like you also took a look at I stand by comments on that video that it doesn't really feel like a thriving community - there are thousands of VBulletin sites with more action around a shared interest. I think Sellaband is missing a trick here.

    When I saw this interview its clear that the founder has an exciting vision. They seem to be going in the right direction, but I guess they have a long way to go before the model is proven. Proven being profitability. I think they raised $2m right? So if they have 42 albums funded then they have income of around $210K to date?

    If Public Enemy had have worked that would have been the boost they need. Hopefully another bigger artist will come in and do the same, but with more funds. Someone with a dedicated fan base like Depeche Mode.

  • I need to correct you on a few things. Sellaband retains no ownership of the masters (i.e. songs) they earn by taking a 10% fee for use of the platform. That 10% comes out of the budget raised. Regarding Public Enemy, I can say 2 big reasons they didn't reach their target is the price per part of $25 and the target of $250,000

    Now to interact with anyone you can leave a public message on their wall or send a private message. You obviously missed that. In a previous version of the site the forum link (where most of the community action takes place) was on top and very clear. Currently (to much of the communities disagreement) the forum link is hidden at the bottom of the screen.

    The other thing I wanted to say is that IMO the model has been proven with 42 albums already funded through sellaband in fact recently Cubworld had just finished the funding for his 2nd album through SAB.

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