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Google Suffocates Organic Search Results

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Below is a frightening image if you are a business that relies on people finding you on the internet. Google is taking ownership of the area above the fold. You might be an SEO jedi, you might have built 1,000 backlinks, but you are not going to break down the mighty wall that Google is building to generate advertising revenue.


The image is from Aaron Wall’s post, “Excuse Me, But Where Did Google’s Organic Search Results Go?” He discusses some defense strategies.

Twitter Search Slays Google

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

The power of Twitter search isn’t news anymore, but what will be big news over the next few years is its role in the battle of the search engines. Although Google has now signed up to integrate Twitter into its search results I wonder just how long it can tame Twitter. Google acquired its almighty power by taking control of search – is it possible that Twitter could acquire a similar status?

When I want to check the latest news on crowdsourcing my first port of call is a Twitter search:

I subscribe to a Google News blog feed too, but I tend to find more interesting information, more quickly via a Twitter search.


After comparing the two, what do you think?