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Mr. Tyler Cruz

I like the way that Tyler Cruz writes his blog in an open fashion, giving his readers the blow-by-blow on how he manages his web site developments, affiliate campaigns, and software developments. It’s far more useful than the usual fare served up by the make money online gurus.

Right now Tyler is making regular updates on how he is developing a flash game: RobotWarz. He hasn’t developed anything like this before, and is opening the kimono by showing his mistakes as well as his progress.

Why is Tyler showing us this level of information when it risks leading to copycats threatening his business?

Because he is smart. If you look at the way Tyler asks questions in his posts, and the valuable feedback he receives in the comments you will see that he is benefiting from his readers who are part of the development process. He doesn’t have a budget for extensive user testing, but what he does have is a loyal tech-savy readership. By providing such useful information Tyler has gained the willingness of his readers to support his success.

I am pretty interested in how it all works out. I’d love to develop a flash game some day.

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