Elliot Shares his Crowd

elliot-silverFollowing on from my comments yesterday about the open approach of Tyler Cruz, Elliot Silver has outdone him! For over a year now I have been an Elliot’s Blog subscriber, and enjoyed the commentary on the domaining industry. But for me, far and away the most interesting posts have been Elliot’s updates on his development activities.

As a domainer turned developer Elliott has always been very upfront about the limitations of his development smarts (although to look at www.burbank.com you would think he is an expert). His humility pays dividends as you will see from the mass of value-add comments he accrues as high level industry players such as the Castello brothers offer advice. When it comes to  SEO, Elliot will often just fire out a specific question, and I have often made use of the answers in my own SEO activities.

Then today Elliot informed his visitors, “Richard is looking for constructive criticism and some content feedback prior to launching his site.” To me this shows what a powerful resouce the readers of the blog are – that third parties are now seeking to tap their knowledge. I also found the web site that we readers are asked to review very interesting: IHateYourCompany.com aggregates customer feedback to identify companies that fail to deliver on reasonable customer service levels.  With the feedback of Elliot’s crowd I am sure major domainer Richard Whitney’s site will get an early boost.

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